Engine Class: XO – consists of overhead valve (OHV) and flathead inline and flathead V8 (except Ford & Mercury) and V12 passenger car and pickup truck.

Car Class: BGSS (Blown Gas Super Street) allows the addition of multiple carburetors, fuel injection, superchargers and turbochargers. Vehicle must be streat legal (licensed and insured).

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Spoiler To Reduce Drag
CP Img 2
Power Lok Installed E1593729738555
Spicer Model 18 Transfer Case Scaled
Koenig Model 40 PTO Scaled
7 Holley Data Display
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Rake Angle

A one-half degree rake angle generates a venturi-like effect under the floor, where the majority of the ground effect (or downforce) is generated.

Deployable Spoiler

When open, the upper tailgate acts as spoiler to reduce drag. The open front cowl vent reduces high pressure effects at the rear of the hood.

3-Point Harness & Helmet

Talk about the safety aspects . . .

Tech Inspection

Must meet requirements . . .

In The Pits

Performance data analysis and tuning optimization . . .

On the Starting Line

Ready to go . . .