Most extraordinary cars stand out from the crowd in their own unique way.  After all, they are meant to be vehicles that hold their ground and create a presence like no other.  However, some are more subtle and discrete for those who prefer a more understated means of travel.

The Willys’ sculpted hood, adorned with clean lines and subtle curvature, speaks to a refined aesthetic that doesn’t boast tasteless features but instead relies on precision and proportion to convey elegance.

Its iconic grille, a hallmark of Willys design, conveys simplicity and symmetry that lends an air of sophistication without excessive ornamentation.  Seamlessly integrated headlights, side mirrors, and bumpers emphasize functionality with quiet elegance.  The sleek contours of the body-formed rear taillights contribute to the vehicle’s overall visual appeal.  Even its wheel and tires contribute to its unassuming yet impressive presence.

The deliberate choice of materials and the way each element seamlessly blends into the overall design exemplifies a restrained yet impactful approach to automotive styling.

This discreet aesthetic speaks volumes for those who appreciate refined craftsmanship and a subdued, yet distinct, automotive statement. In a world of standout vehicles, the Utility Wagon carves its niche by offering functionality without sacrificing style.

DSC8367 (2)
''W'' Elblem For Hood Ornament
Home Adjustable Front Seat
1960 Willys Utility Wagon
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Impressive Stopping Power

Bendix self-energizing, self-adjusting, 11” x 2” brakes on all four corners provides remarkable stopping power.  This braking technology offers a heightened sense of safety, confidence, and control in critical situations.

Balanced Corner Weights

Precision engineering results in a near-perfect 50/50 front-to-rear weight distribution for remarkable handling and control.  This balanced corner weight distribution enhances agility, stability, and maneuverability.

Classic Styling

The classic mirrors blend with the unique contours and striking body lines of the vehicle, creating a harmonious visual composition that encapsulates both elegance and functionality.

Time-tested Tire & Wheel Combination

245/75R16 115Q all-terrain tires with shaved sidewalls are wrapped around widened Kelsey-Hayes steelies  These tires maintain excellent traction on various terrains while adding a classic hotrod look.

Backup & Rear Vision

By offering a clear view of the area behind the vehicle, this camera system acts as an extra set of eyes, enabling drivers to detect any potential obstacles or hazards that may be obscured from their direct line of sight.

OEM Branded

Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) components, from the iconic “Stimsonite” reflector and “WOD” taillight lens to the nostalgic “Willys” scripted floor mat, preserve the vehicle’s heritage and craftsmanship.