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Experience unparalleled trail control with a 94:1† crawl ratio when the Borg Warner T98-A1Z transmission’s 6.39:1 low gear, coupled to the Spicer Model 18’s 3.6:1 low-range gear turns through the Dana 44’s 4.10:1 ratio limited slip differential.

The 104.5” wheelbase and 8.5” ground clearance, with 50° approach, 35° departure and 32° breakover angles, means it can easily maneuver around tight spots and over rocks, logs, or other obstacles.  The 20° ramp travel index of 350 will keep all four wheels on the ground in most off-road conditions.

†115:1 in reverse gear


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Spicer Model 18 Transfer Case Scaled
Full Floating Axle Scaled
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Warn OD With Bowl Gear
Koenig Model 40 PTO Scaled
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Model 18 Transfer Case

The Spicer Model 18 transfer case stuffed with a RockEater 3.6:1 gear set meets any off-road challenge. Tapered roller bearings provide quite operation at all speeds.

Full Floating Axles

The full-floating rear axle increases load capacity. A broken axle no longer results in losing a wheel and tire assembly with disastrous consequences.

Limited Slip Differentials

Front and rear PowerLok limited slip differentials direct power to the wheel with the most traction for greater control.

All-Range Overdrive

A Warn All-Range overdrive, coupled to the Borg Warner T98A1 4-speed transmission, provides off-road flexibility with 16 forward and 4 reverse gears from which to choose.

Power Take Off

A Koenig Model 40 twin-stick PTO provides options to power front and rear mounted auxiliary equipment such as a winch.

Locking Hubs

Warn WL-2 locking hubs up front provide the option to release the front axles for highway driving but are returned to 4WD with a quick turn of the dial.