The vehicle’s power distribution system uses a balanced approach, combining the robustness of mechanical relays with the efficiency and reliability of solid-state technology. This comprehensive integration of circuits ensures the smooth operation and optimal performance of essential vehicle systems, representing the advancement and sophistication of modern automotive electronics.

The battery bus sends power to the starter, current sensor, and a 4-circuit distribution block.  The fused distribution block powers a Holley Dominator ECU, audio amplifier, auxiliary battery bus, and the Power Center.  The auxiliary bus, located in the rear of the vehicle, runs the AC/DC inverter.  The Power Center splits incoming power between a 12-circuit bus and a 15-circuit bus.

Mechanical (18) and solid state (6) relays are used to reduce the switching loads to high-power systems such as the 24-circuit ignition bus, 15-circuit accessory bus, head lights, ignition coils, and the water-methanal injection pump.

Battery voltage, alternator output and current draw are ECU inputs and displayed on the digital dash.

Power distribution panel
2 PC Installed 2 Scaled
3 Centrafuse Front End
4 USB CAN BUS Connectors 2 Scaled
Roof Antenna
Audio Componets 8
7 Power Inverter Scaled
7 Holley Data Display
3 Backup Camera 2
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Small form-factor Windows 10 PC shown installed in the under-seat passenger side tool box.

In-car Computing

With its compact form factor and robust processing power, the Intel 2.5 GHz Dual Core i3 LGA 1155 Mini ITX, configured with a 128 GB SS Drive and 8 GB of RAM, provides Bluetooth, USB, and WiFi interfaces.

Image of the Centrafuse front-end showing the screen layout used to select apps such as GPS, audio and phone.

Navigation & Infotainment

The user configurable, responsive-touch, 7-inch monitor facilitates effortless control, allowing seamless navigation and interaction with various apps to provide a user-friendly experience.

Front passenger side USB network connection and CAN Buss connector for the Holley Digital Dash.

Data Bus Interface

Two 6-port USB hubs, utilized for passenger data transfer, and a CAN Bus, employed specifically for engine management data, offer versatile connectivity options through their respective jacks.

Roof-top view showing the shark-fin WiFi and puck-style GPS antennas.

Well Connected

Three antennas are used to support external communications.  The Bendix R12B AM radio is connected to a vintage Red-Ball collapsable antenna, while GPS-based location services are supported with roof-top antennas.

Pre-installation view of the audio system showing the amplifier, mid-range speakers, tweeters and crossover components.

Mind-blowing Audio

The JL Audio XD7005 amplifier delivers up to 200 watts RMS to each of the 6.5” Boston Acoustics Pro60SE woofers and the JL Audio 13TW5 super-thin sub-woofer — ensuring a balanced and immersive audio experience.

Passenger side intermediate seat side panel showing the the rear auxillary power panel with AC inverter control, 120VAC receptacle, and 12VDC port.

DC to AC Inverter

With the available output of the 1500-watt AC inverter and the 12-volt DC source, there is no shortage of power options to meet diverse operational needs with ease and reliability.