Uncommon Power

This majorly stroked and poked, twin supercharged, Willys Super Hurricane is anything but standard.  The two Paxton SN60 blowers push intake air through the ported and polished intake runners then stuffs it into the combustion chambers.  A ceramic coated, high-flow header directs exhaust gases to the high-performance Flowmaster muffler.

The engine uses a forged SAE 1035 stroker crank, held in place by massive steel main caps.  Complementing this is a custom-ground, high-duration cam that lifs the oversized valves to an impressive 0.435 inch.

Sequential port fuel injection and coil-near-plug ignition are managed with a Holley Dominator engine control unit (ECU).  A crankcase evacuation system reduces crankshaft windage losses and removes harmful blow-by gasses.  The full-flow oil system minimizes friction and maximizes bearing life.

With sequential port injection and coil-near-plug electronic ignition, it delivers a potent 300† bhp at 5200 rpm and 370† lb·ft torque at 3400 rpm.

† Estimated



Forced Induction

Dual centrifugal Paxton SN60 superchargers develop up to 9.0 psig boost. The ball drive planetary cooling system is controlled by temperature feedback to the ECU.

Crankcase Evacuation

Crankcase evacuation system keeps internal engine pressure to less than 4 in·Hg for reduced crankshaft windage and increased ring seal performance.  A catchcan collects vapor contaminates.

Water-Methanol Injection

Water-methanol system uses two 600 cc/min injectors capable of supporting up to 400 hp. The cooled intake air charge allows additional timing when under boost.

Dual Sync Distributor

Dual-sync distributor provides exact cam and crank position to the ECU.  The coil near plug module adjusts each cylinder’spark timing to maximize optimize power output.

Exhaust Gas Temperature

Exhaust gas temperature (EGT) monitoring (thermocouples not shown installed) provides an additional tuning parameter and optimization of power output. The ceramic coated high-flow header reduces engine compartment temperature.

Performance water pump flow measurement.

High-Flow Coolant Pump

The coolant, pressurized to 16 psig, circulates through the engine by the high-flow pump, enabling the engine to operate at optimal temperatures, reducing the risk of overheating, and enhancing overall cooling efficiency.