The Utility Wagon utilizes a lean design philosophy, cleverly maximizing space utilization for a visually appealing interior that complements its stunning exterior. The result is a inviting cabin space, marked by a thoughtful and efficient spatial arrangement.

One distinguishing feature is its steering wheel, deviating from the prevailing chunky trend to offer a comparatively slender profile. The thinner wheel diameter contributes to a more direct, responsive feel, amplifying the sensation of control and agility on the road.

This demonstrates Willys’ commitment to both style and function, integrating design elements that not only captivate the eye but also elevate the driving dynamics for a truly immersive automotive encounter.

Home Adjustable Front Seat
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Trouble-free & Convenient Operation

Placement of the three foot-pedals provides optimal accessibility.  The transmission, over-drive, and four-wheel drive selector levers are within easy reach.  Vehicle speed and engine status is displayed on the center-mounted instrument cluster.

Adjustable Wing Windows

Passenger door wing windows allow occupants to adjust the airflow according to their preferences.  The distinctive design of these wing vents is a testament to an era when car design prioritized simplicity and practicality.

Room for Everything

Cargo space measures 82 cubic feet when the 7th seat is removed, and both intermediate seats are folded. For even more expansive cargo room, removing the intermediate seats increases the capacity to an impressive 95 cubic feet.

Operate AC Devices

Rear seat 120 VAC and 12 VDC power connections provide the ability for passengers to charge their electronic devices such as smartphones, laptops, tablets, or portable gaming devices. This is particularly useful on long journeys where passengers want to stay connected.

Secure Space for Small Items

Enhance the security of your possessions by utilizing the locking glove box and two under-seat tool boxes. These features not only provide a designated space for your valuables but also guarantee an added layer of protection beyond the locking passenger doors.

Room for Everyone

The rare 7th seat adds an extra layer of utility by expanding the vehicle’s seating capacity to seven, catering to scenarios where an extra passenger needs accommodation.  The introduction of a 7th seat option further augments the vehicle’s market desirability and forward-looking adaptability.